UNIX Road Runner Login Client for Central NY (CNY)

Good News!! As of November 16th, 1999 at 6:00am Road Runner in Central New York no longer need to log into Road Runner to get past the firewall. See the notice for yourself here. For the convenience of those who are still required to login on Road Runner systems that are similar to Central New York, these pages will remain intact.

There are two PERL packages you'll need to get Road Runner going in the Syracuse, NY area:

Download the ORIGINAL PERL script login client (Local copy)
Download the ORIGINAL PERL script login client (Hawaii)
Download the MODIFIED PERL script login client
Download a PERL MD5 module (Local copy)

The original rrlogin-0.1.tar.gz code can be found at: ftp://wormhole.eosys.com/pub/rr/login. This site appears to be down, unfortunately.

The ORIGINAL rrlogin.pl script needs two modifications before you can use it for Syracuse. (The MODIFIED version already has the modifications.)

If you find yourself worrying about a message that says "Login Successful! But client software is out of date?", you can change the "10" on line 50 to "11" but it's not necessary. That is, not necessary until Time Warner decides to deprecate the protocol that this script is using.

MD5-1.7.tar.gz is also available from your local CPAN site.

Check out the instructions page that I've thrown together for making Redhat 5.1 Linux work with Road Runner.

I've also assembled a simple masquerading firewall page that may be of interest if you don't like shelling out an additional $10/month for more IP addresses.

Road Runner is a trademark of Warner Bros., a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.


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